Mini Haul: Bourjois, Astor & Essence

Today as usual I couldn't resist and I had to buy some things from the Manor perfumery in Lugano, before catching the train to come back home after uni...Here are my little buyings:
Bourjois Blush
A very nice-textured blush with a delicate flowery scent (which I cannot define yet!!)..The only problem is...This is not the shade I wanted! =( As I opened it I noticed it's almost matte...and I was looking for a shimmery/pearly one...The problem is that I swatched the tester on my hand in the shop, but then I picked the wrong one! Silly me!! However, the product itself is undoubtedly good!

Astor Black Nail Polish
I just needed a black polish ...because I didn't have one in my growing collection... I'll try it out soon

Essence nail art guides
This is what I liked the's an example of what I'm talking about...even a clumsy like me could do something quite precise by just applying the sticky guide and then applying two coats of polish over it...after it had dried I removed the sticky and voilà! =D

That's it for now...It goes without saying that I have to buy another Bourjois blush! This time..the right one! LOL
Btw, what's your favourite blush?? Let me know!!



  1. Right now my favourite blushers are: bourjois cendre de rose brune, kiko sun essential bronzing trio in bonne mine pink, and sleek flamingo! :)

    pretty haul, and those stickers are a great idea...wish I could find them here!!! :(

  2. thanks sweetie! I'm currently using Mac mineralize blush in hot planet and I'm loving it! It has replaced Nars Orgasm, which I also like a lot =)
    The nail stickers are just perfect for those like me aren't very god at nail art =P

    have a great weekend!


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