Mini Haul: Bourjois & Essence

by - Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Today I went to m beloved "Manor" shopping center in Lugano and I bought some products I had already seen and wanted...

- Essence "show your feet" polish
- Essence Nail Polish Remover Pen
- Bourjois 1001Lashes

I really like the color of this polish! A deep purple with blue shimmery sheen! The shade is "catwalk pink" and I am so curious to try this out!

I've also bought my favorite nail polish remover pen at the moment, the essence one, which is perfect!!! It's got a cherry scent and it's so precise! My must-have for completing the mani!

Finally I was curious to try this mascara out...1001Cils (or 1001Lashes) by Bourjois...I always hear and read reviews and comments about this brand, but I never bought any products...this one's the first I'll try and I was really impressed by the brush because it's a silicone one and it's got a spiral shape to grab the lashes so that it "multiplies the number of lashes", at least this is what the packaging says! I'll verify it by myself of course =D (I don't think my number of lashes will increase though xD)

That's it for now!

Do you have any Bourjois products to suggest me? Let me know!

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6 commenti

  1. Aaaah you're so lucky to have access to Bourjois!
    Ti consiglio i fard, sono bellissimi! Anche dei mascara ho sentito cose positive, e dei lucidalabbra. Ho anche una matita bourjois ed è molto morbida! Sono stata fessa a non prendere più cose quando ero a Londra!!!

  2. Ok allora proverà qualche fard, ero in cerca di uno decente (oltre al mio Orgasm ovviamente *-*)
    Cavoli anch'io sono stata a Londra e non sono rimasta abbastanza per riempire la valigia xD
    thanks for the tips sweetie! ^_^

  3. I love the colour of your essence polish, it looks great! :)

  4. Thanks! ^_^ And believe me when I tell you that in reality it looks even better! *-* I'll do a NOTD review for sure =)

  5. Bourjois AND Essence :D epic win!


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