Guides: My Eyelashes Routine!

Today I'd like to share with you my daily eyelashes a few words: what products I use to keep my lashes healthy and decently long! =D

At Home:

Castor Oil
In Italy it's called "olio di ricino"...I think most of you know about this... I can assure you it's the key to have strong and thick eyelashes! I usually apply it with an eyebrow brush like this one on my upper and lower lashes once every second day usually after lunch, that is to say after having removed my eye makeup ;-) -->

The effect on my lashes is quite visible in terms of strength, because my lashes used to be very weak and tended to "fall" sometime when I removed my makeup. Now they feel stronger!

Mavala Double Lash

My ABSOLUTELY must have for eyelashes growth! After having tried millions of eyelashes treatments I can assure you that this one's absolutely fabulous! It makes lashes thicker and denser! I've really seen the difference after using it for a few weeks and now I keep using it and I'd never stop! xD Moreover, it's a natural product and it doesn't hurt the eyes, while castor oil might be a bit "heavy" and make your eyes tired, that's why I usually apply castor oil during the day and Mavala during the night as it's specific for the night.

At Uni/work...whatever! =D

Prep your lashes: Layla Lengthening Mascara base

my mind! It helps mascara adhere better to your lashes and keeps it all day long and doesn't make them "hard" and easy-to-break. An eyelashes primer to be applied before mascara to increase its effects and which protects lashes. I personally didn't like the idea of a primer for lashes...But when I tried this one, I changed 

Ready for Mascara!

There are SO many mascaras out there! I've tried SO many as well...I can only say this, if you have quite "thin" lashes (like me) opt for a mascara with silicone brush, as they adhere more to the lashes and manage to define them better, if you are lucky and already have thick lashes, you can opt for this but also for a classic brush mascara of you choice. I've learnd this "tip" just through my experience, experimenting with various mascaras till i found this out ;-)

...And Be gentle when you Remove it!

The worst thing you can do to your lashes is remove mascara harshly and thus "hurting" them! So my advice is to use a Delicate makeup remover SPECIFIC for eye makeup and enriched with vitamilns and essential oils, 
Remeber to be gentle to avoid your lashes to fall or break.
I've tried the Sephora one and the Collistar (which is an Italian brand) Bi-phasic one and they're very good... Any good Biphasic one should be ok!

That's all for now...Let me know if these tips were useful! Do you have any additional ones? Tell me!



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  2. Thanks for sharing your eyelash routine :)

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  3. Ciao!
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  4. Ciao! Grazie mille! Ehehe si cosi mi esercito anche a scrivere in inglese! =P non preoccuparti comunque, nei post scrivo anche delle parti in italiano se ci sono cose con termini "specifici" ;-)
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  9. Thank you Ashley! ^_^ I'll check your giveaway and blog for sure! I love NYX products! =)


  10. Hello Aru! How are you? Castor Oil for lashes? I've never tried it, but I have tried Almond Oil and I felt it conditioned my lashes and made them stronger after all my mascara usage!

  11. Castor oil huh? I'll check it out!! :) and the Mavala thing too! :) My lashes are so thin and tiny that they need all the help I can give them!

  12. mine too! bu as you've seen from the FOTD posts, they show up well with these tricks ;-D castor oil is great to strengthen and thicken!! highly recommended! ;-D


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