My first 30 followers...Thank you!!!

This is a quick post to say THANK YOU to my lovely first 30 followers!! 
I know there are many other beauty blogger out there who have hundreds of followers...BUT
I'm so happy that you follow my blog and share the same passion with me...
A few months ago I started this blog without any claims, just because I felt the need to spread the love for makeup and beauty products in general...
So, again, Thank YOU so much for following my blog! 
I take this opportunity to ask you: what I should do to improve my blog? Suggestions? Recommendations? anything! Feel free to suggest me everything you think would make my blog a better place to talk about makeup and beauty products!

That's all for now!



  1. Honey! I'm so glad you reached your 30 followers, it's well deserved! I hope you reach another 30 very soon.
    Your blog is great as it is, in my opinion, but I wish you did fotd's :D You have so many gorgeous products that I can't wait to see in action!!!


  2. Thank you sweetie!!! I 'm quite shy but I promise I'll do FOTD posts!! =D

  3. Takk for interessant informasjon


Grazie di essere passata, leggo ogni singolo commento con piacere e rispondo appena posso ;D Besitoss!!