Sephora Haul: Benefit, TooFaced, Nars, YSL & OPI!

As promised, here I am with my big haul! Thanks to the Easter break I had, I could go the French Sephora and literally plunder it! xD well, I'm joking, but the temptation was strong! Here's what  bought:

- Nars Orgasm Blush ( The Raved for!!)
- Nars Nail polish in "purple rain"
- OPI Nail polish "Sweet heart"
- Benefit Stay don't Stray eyeshadow & concealer base
- YSL Everlong Mascara
- TooFaced Eyeshadow duo in "Cocoa Puff & Honey pot"
- TooFaced "Absolutely Invisible Candlelight"

Let's start!

Nars Orgasm... says it all!

Packaging identico (o quasi) a quello dei blush studio della Elf, che credo abbia un po' copiato da Nars...E la qualità è eccellente!

Everyone has undoubtedly heard about this blush... Me too! And I was SO curious to try it! So, after having swatched it on my finger to see its pigmentation I decided to buy it... And I'm very satisfied!
I've read so many reviews about it (good and bad ones), that I wanted to verify its quality myself.
I can say that the quality is worth the price (even if a bit pricey though) and this blush gives a very natural touch to the cheeks. I don't think, however, that it would be suitable for medium/dark skin tones, as it's quite a soft pink with shimmering gold reflections...But for my skin it's perfect!

here are some pictures... The gold shimmering sparkles are barely visible, but they create a very nice effect on the skin!

let's move on to...

Nars Nail polish in "purple rain"

un colore talmente cangiante che 10 foto non sarebbero bastate a mostrare tutti i suoi riflessi!
With one word: Stunning! *-* And I mean the color! I'd never seen such a lovely color before! It's a purple with so many reflections! And reading on the packaging I also discovered that Nars' nail polishes are formaldehyde and toluene free! which adds another point to this fabulous product! Unfortunately it's quite a winter color, but I can't wait to try it on my nails!

OPI Sweet Heart

My FIRST EVER OPI nail polish! I was so thrilled when purchasing this baby! =D It's a very nice baby pink color, in my opinion, perfect for spring! I've heard and read so much about OPI polishes that I couldn't resist to try one of them! Also because, here in Italy, they're not so easy to find!

Ancora non ci credo! Il mio primo smaltino OPI! xD

Benefit Stay don't Stray eyeshadow & concealer base

I had received the Benefit newsletter a while ago and it showed also this brand new product, so I decided to give it a try! It's quite pricey (25€ at Sephora) but the quality is good!

I've already tested it on my eyelids and it makes the eyeshadow stay all the day and and also very easy to blend! However, I think that the quality is comparable to the TooFaced shadow insurance I've also got in my storage, which is 10€ less!

Questa base è adatta anche come fissante per correttori sulle occhiaie, che io non uso, ma dalla stendibilità direi che fa bene il suo dovere! ;-)

YSL Everlong Mascara

I don't know if it's a new or old product...All I know is that I'm in love with it!
This mascara claims to make eyelashes longer...and it does! Actually I usually prep my eyelashes with Lancome Oscillation powerbooster base, so the result may be a bit altered, but I noticed the difference even between base+YSL everlong and base+usual mascara.

The brush is silicone made, which I prefer since my lashes are very thin and it grabs them a lot better!

Questo mascara è davvero allungante! Ve lo stra consiglio!

TooFaced Eyeshadow duo in "Cocoa Puff & Honey pot"

I also wanted to try some eyeshadow from this brand... And I'm really satisfied! They're VERY pigmented and bright!
I love shimmer e/s better than matte ones, so if you do, like me, you'll find these lovely!

here are some pictures and swatches!

questi ombretti sono estremamente pigmentati! Li adoro!

TooFaced "Absolutely Invisible Candlelight"

Now, this is something that puzzled me a lot! I mean, it's a lovely product, but I still haven't managed to use it correctly imo.

It's a "softly illuminating translucent powder" and the box said "made with real gold!"... More than that, I was extremely pleased with it's texture, so soft on the skin! And The gold shimmer is visible in the pictures and on the skin once applied!

However I don't know whether to apply it before my regular powder, instead of it or after my blush!

I still find this product very nice though! It gives a soft finish to the skin and I like it a lot!

Questa cipria traslucida mi è davvero piaciuta, tuttavia devo capire ancora bene quando e come usarla! XD

That's all for now! I hope you've enjoyed my big Sephora haul!

What about you? Have you bought any new product? Or Had you tried any of these before? Let me know!



  1. *drool* many nice things...and you've been to France!

    I believe the translucent powder is to be used after you've done all your makeup, and you should dust it with your powder brush (well, if you have one)kind of like a regular finish powder!

  2. Yes, I actually *drooled* myself when I entered in the shop! XD
    Oh thanks for the tip! I'll try to apply it with my kabuki or with a powder brush ;-)


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