NOTD: Nars "Purple Rain"

A month ago I purchased some products at the French Sephora during my Easter vacation... One of those products was "Purple Rain" nail polish by Nars... Today I decided to try it out. Here's the result!

Unfortunately the colors don't show off very well in the pictures, but I can assure you that the color is amazing! So many undertones and shimmers...
The strong point of this nail polish is, in my opinion, its thickness! One coat is enough to perfectly cover the nail without needing a second coat! It's amazing! This is the most pigmented polish in my collection...

What I didn't like (if I must really say something I don't like about it!) it's the drying time... I had to wait a while before applying top coat... However, this is one of the best polishes I've ever tried!

It's a bit pricey...18€ at Sephora (but I think everywhere else too) but honestly, when I read that it's formaldehyde and toluene free, I couldn't be happier for my nails and my health!

What's your favorite nail polish at the moment? Let me know! =)
That's it for now! Have a great week!



  1. LOL!!! that's the exact first thing I thought while applying it! xD


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