NOTW (Nails of the week!) - BarryM Mushroom

This was my latest manicure (I've just removed it after a week), a nail paint by BarryM named Mushroom. I ordered it two weeks ago from their website because I wanted to try out their nail polishes, so I picked this one along with two others...

It's very creamy and intense and I had to apply just one coat to obtain the result you can see from the pictures....
Since I first saw this polish I thought about Chanel's Partculiere 505 because they look so similar! I mean, I believe they're similar since I don't own the Chanel's one ( I don't fancy spending 25€ for a nail polish LOL). However, the color is very nice and with a base and top coat it lasted more than a week...Well done BarryM! ;-)
That's it for now...Have you got a Chanel Particuliere alternative? Let me know! =)



  1. Definitely something to buy whenever I go back to the UK (I don't think I will have any more money to order online, after my last order from cambree)! Thank you!

  2. My pleasure ^_^
    You're right....Moreover, it's cheap! ;-D Me too, I've just received my Cambree order and I have to save some money for this summer =P

  3. Ciao!
    Guardandolo mi sembra più marroncino di quello Chanel. Comunque quello di Chanel, nonostante il nome, non è niente di "particolare". Io giorni fa ho fatto uno smalto più o meno di questo colore, mescolando tanto bianco, un po' di marrone e una punta di nero, se vuoi puoi vederlo nel mio blog. Ma in giro ce ne sono tanti di questo colore, e davvero non serve spendere più di 20 euro per Chanel!

  4. Ciao! Si hai perfettamente ragione, 20€ e passa per uno smalto son davvero troppi...Grazie delle info, stavo pensando anch'io di farmene uno "fatto in casa" in effetti =D
    passerò sicuramente dal tuo blog, grazie ancora!


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