Lime Crime Magic Dusts: swatches & Review

Hi lovelies! ^_^
Today I'd like to talk about some products I bought a while ago and I really like. I'm talkin' about Lime Crime Magic Dusts. Here's their description on the website "More punch than regular pressed eyeshadow, magic dusts offer high color payoff that will not streak or cake. These vegan eyeshadows are perfect for creating dramatic effects when used over primer, or subtler color accents when you need that extra oomph!"

And here are the shades I've got:
(Left to Right in Natural light and then under the sunlight)
Mirror Mirror
Snow Queen
Dragon Scales
My review: I think these are gorgeous eyeshadows. The photos don't give them justice! If they're under artificial or natural light they sparkle so much that it's impossible not to notice them! Pigmentation is not the same for every shade, I find Diva, Nymph and Primadonna to be the most pigmented. They're all shimmer except from Medusa which has got more like a pearl/satin finish. Dragon Scales is the only one more like a glitter than an eyeshadow/pigment, so it's brighter but lighter in consistency. I have always applied these with a base and they last quite long, I've also tried to wet them and they become more intense, but as they're so shimmery, they go very well just dry.

The packaging is very cute too, it's got an holographic unicorn with the "LimeCrime" script on to, they are in 10g jars and contain 0.14oz of product.

They are priced 16$ each (about 13€/10,50£) and can be purchased on the Lime Crime website which is American so there's the risk of customs. However, I purchased them four and at a time (you see 7 shades because I have a Diva dupe LOL) and I received them in a small packet without being controlled. So my advice would be to purchase them in a maximum of 5 at a time to avoid custom extra fees.

They're vegan and here are the ingredients: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Tin Oxide, Iron Oxide, Ferric Ferrocyanide, Iron Oxide Copper, Tin Oxide Silica.

Overall I really like these eyeshadows, they are pigmented, very shimmery and quite affordable ;-)
for more infos check out the Lime Crime website here.
That's it for now! Have you tried Lime Crime makeup products? let me know!



  1. Wow they look gorgeous!! :)

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  2. Awwwww thank you s much sweetie!
    As soon as I come back from the vacation I'll do the tag post too... =)


  3. Ciao tesoro!
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  4. beautiful colors! i hear good things about limecrime lipsticks cant wait to get some. love your blog btw! :)

  5. @Isanaur Grazie ragazze! =D parteciperò di sicuro! ;-)
    un bacione!!

    @Donna Baby yes I was planning to buy some =P
    thanks a lot! ^_^


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