4 Things Tag!

A while ago I was tagged by Alanna (name very similar to mine! =D), Fashionable Addict blogger, and now it's time to answer back! Let's start!

4 Things In My Bag
1. My wallet! Full of money to spend on makeup ahahahha xD
2. My iPhone, I'd be lost without it!
3. My mini brush with mirror
4. My sunglasses! My beloved Raybans!! <3

4 Things I found in my purse
1. An old lip gloss...
2. lots of coins...I hate when they end up in my bag's pocket!
3. an old receipt...
4. paper tissues, they asways come handy =)

4 Favorite things in my bedroom
1. My mirror, it's so tall I love it!
2. My iMac of course! I'm a geeky girl LOL!
3. My wardrobe ,lots of dresses and never enough space to put them! =P
4. My plushes <3 <3 <3

4 Things I've always wanted to do
1. Visit NY city!
2. Learn to play the piano.
3. Be rich LOL
4. become a famous dancer =)

4 Things I'm Currently in to
1. Lipsticks and blushes!
2. Looooooong eyelashes! Mascara FTW!! LOL
3. sparkling iPhone cases
4. ...Can't think about the fourth one lol

4 Things I bet you didn't know about me
1. I'm scared of driving, despite having a driving license... =(
2. I was overweight not long ago (about 3 years ago)
3. I've suffered from acne rosacea (best experience ever!)
4. I look younger without makeup ...(18 maybe? LOL)

4 Songs I cant get out of my head
1. California Gurls - Katy Perry
2. Alejandro - Lady Gaga
3. Gettin' Over you - David Guetta Feat. Fergie, Chris Willis & LMFAO
4. Il mio pensiero - Ligabue

I am going to tag : (I wanted to tag so many other wonderful bloggers!!!)
Mary from Ibisco Lilla
Coco & Fraise from My Makeup Review

Rules :
Once tagged you must link the person who tagged you ...So thanks again Alanna ! Check out her blog! ;-)
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That's it for now!


Grazie di essere passata, leggo ogni singolo commento con piacere e rispondo appena posso ;D Besitoss!!