I'm finally Back! & Haulage post =)

Hi my dear lovelies!! I'm so sad, my summer vacation is finally over =( but at the same time I'm so grateful to each one of you who contributed to reaching my 100+ followers... that's why I'm preparing my first ever blog giveaway!! during the next week I'll be posting it on my blog so stay tuned! ;-)

Regarding my holidays... they've been great! Especially the last two weeks in Monte Carlo...I love that place! Wonderful weather, sea, food and....shops!!! There's also a Sephora in MC and how could a makeup addicted like me not jump in and buy buy and buy?? LOL So here's my haul directly from Monte Carlo's Sephora...

OPI polishes aren't so easy to find in Italy, unless you buy it online or you live in the few big cities that sell them, so I decided to buy at least one... I ended up buying Over The Taupe (the ever raved for! LOL) and Yoga-ta Get This Blue! A stunning deep blue with purple and light blue shimmer...Amazing color! I can't wait to try it out!

Notice: Strada e/s is very pigmented, but my swatch is horrible! =P
Make Up For Ever is another great brand almost impossible to find where I live, so I used this occasion to buy two Aqua Cream: n°19, a purple with multicolor shimmer and n°6, a pink with golden shimmer...they're so creamy and pigmented and once applied... they never smudge!! I also bought Aqua Eyes 1L which is a deep black...I haven't tested it on my eyes yet, but swatching it seems so soft!

Finally I indulged in with the Too Faced stand... I picked up La Vie en Rose Blush, a lovely pink powder blush with lots of golden micro shimmers and Glamour Gloss in Tickle Me...And this one has become one of my favorite lip glosses of all the time! It's a pearly pink sugar with golden sparkle, so perfect for a tanned skin! I love it! It's also got Lip Injection in it, which is another "thumbs up" to add...

I love Nars...But sadly this time the Stand was quite poor...So I only bought one product: Strada eyeshadow. It was a while since I raved about it and now it's mine! It's a gorgeous lavender with gold shimmer...so soft and pigmented! Too bad it costed 23€!! pheeeew....

That's all for now...Have you indulged in some products recently? Let me know! ;-)


  1. nice haul~~~ My August is full of cosme haul too <3

  2. thank you! ^_^ and what a cute blog you have! *3*

  3. sta per ricominciare la stagione adatta agli smalti talposi, ottimo acquisto!

  4. hai fatto degli ottimi acquisti!!! ottimo smalto opi e i colori degli ombretti mufe sono favolosi! ^_^

  5. @filokalos bene bene, allora potrò sfoggiarlo appena comincia l'autunno hihih =P

    @Dony grazie! Si sto iniziando ad adorare la MUFE! xD



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