I got... NAKED!!!

Am I the FIRST Italian blogger to experiment this makeup-gasm?? :D I don't know...But All I know is that I'm mad with joy! Urban Decay Naked palette is in my hands!!!! I can't believe it! I've purchased it from eBay just two days ago and here it is!!
I know many of you are wondering why I have spent so much money for shipping costs and such when I could have waited for it to arrive here in Italian Sephora stores...Well, simply because Urban Decay isn't sold in any Sephora nearby and I almost never go to Milan because of University and other boring parts of my life I don't want to bother you with...=P

Now... For the pleasure of your eyes...Here's the photo shoot (lol!) of my palette!

I think that after having bought this one, I won't purchase any more eyeshadows for a looong time! This is simply gorgeous!! I haven't tried it yet because I first wanted to show you first, my lovelies! :D

The velvet packaging is so classy...I wouldn't expect it to be so...adorable!
The inside mirror is very nice too... They eyeshadows look gorgeous! Can't wait to try them all!

Oh! And what about the mini Primer Potion? Isn't it tremendously cute?
The two Glide-on pencils are very nice too...I've heard so many good reviews about them I'm so curious to test their quality.

Is there anything I don't like about this palette? Hell NOO!!! xD

Virgin, Sin, Naked and Sidecar
Buck, Half Baked, Smog and Darkhorse
Do you want to see the swatches ladies? =) If so just tell me...I haven't done any because there are so many swatch posts on the net (including Temptalia) that I thought it would be useless...if you find it useful, I'll do them for you! =)

That's it for now!
Toasted, Hustle, Creep and Gunmetal
Hope you can get this baby as soon as possible because it's great!
Have a nice week!



  1. yummy!!! if I may ask how much did you pay for it including shipping? and from which seller?

  2. 57€ including shipping....quite expensive I know, but the seller was super fast! http://myworld.ebay.it/jagratti/ ;-)

  3. So, you think it's worth all that money you paid? yep it's expensive!! :/

  4. yes, I think so. 12 full size eyeshadows + a mini primer potion + two pencils, I think it's worth it! COnsidering that I wouldn't have had the chance to get it here in Italy... =)

  5. I think I'll wait! Yep it's still a good deal, but I have so many eyeshadows that I don't need to spend 57euros on this! So I'll wait 'til the hype goes away and the price becomes more reasonable! I want to try it though! ;) Yep do some swatches!! :) How about doing swatches over the primer potion or some kind of primer? ;)

  6. Thanks for the close up photos im waiting for mine to arrive it seems to take forever when you really want it x

  7. sembra niente male... complimenti per l'acquisto!

  8. E' davvero bella da vedere,anche i colori sembrano stupendi (ci metti qualche swatch quando hai tempo??? sono rompina lo so), in effetti costa parecchio per una palette ma alla fine pensiamo che ci sono correttori che costano 28 euro..
    Un bacione ^_^

    ahahahhaa ti sto odiando in questo momento u.u
    scherzooo.. si comunque credo tu sia la prima blogger italiana ad averla! ;)

  10. Wow Aru cacchiarola che invidia. La bramo tanto anche io questa palette
    Certo che non costa pochissimo...ma resistere sarà difficile!
    Un bacione e complimenti per l'acquisto e la review!

  11. Io chiuderei bene la finestra di camera tua stanotte, quasi quasi mi infilo il costume da Catwoman e vengo a rubarti la palette!! Mi sembra decisamente versatile e poi la qualità degli ombretti UD è sempre ottima....ahhhh, sono gelosa!! xx

  12. @Dony ma certo! appena ho tempo vi posto gli swatches =)
    @Claudia ahahah beh che primato! XD
    @Maury si esatto non costa poco ma non ho saputo resistere! xD

    @Anna la tengo in cassaforte =P hihihi

    thanks ladies! ^_^

  13. credo mi odierai dopo questo commento... ma da house of fraser te la saresti portata via x 40€ in tutto... io non la ho e mi fa una voglia che non ti dico... ma per giustificare (a me stessa) l'acquisto devo smaltire almeno qualche ombretto "nude" che ho già =.(

  14. The ma...house of fraser spedisce in Italia? se si allora altro che odiarti! fessa io!!! comunque anch'io avevo qualche ombretto nude, ma ti assicuro che quelli della Naked sono unici! *-*

  15. No Aru, House of Fraser non spedisce in Italia la naked.
    Ha la spedizione internazionale solo per alcuni prodotti! ;(
    altrimenti avrei già fatto l'ordine ahahaha

  16. eh infatti ho notato =( ahah si in effetti anch'io mi sarei fiondata subito xD

  17. Eh eh alla fine l'hai presa?:D
    A esser bella è bella, ottimo acquisto. ;)

  18. ebbene si, ho ceduto! xD si è proprio bella *-*
    grazie Margue! ^_^

  19. ax che sfortuna allora... credevo potessero spedire tutto... beh così per ora non la prendo (fine della mia eterna indecisione)

  20. E' bellissima, sono proprio i colori che piacciono a me. Vorrei che mi piovesse dal cielo!!


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