Urban Decay The Black Palette Review and Swatches

Hi ladies!
It's time to review the Urban Decay Black Palette! I purchased this online at Cocktail Cosmetics a while ago, because I was looking for a set of good dark eyeshadows for doing smoky eyes... And I found this baby!

Review: The palette contains six different shades, 5 shimmer and one matte:

Black Dog – Matte Black
Barracuda – Charcoal with silver sparkle
Jet – Dark purple shimmer
Sabbath – Dark blue shimmer
Cobra – Black with gold sparkle
Libertine – Dark green shimmer

These eyeshadows are all with a black base, so they are very intense shades. Pigmentation was as expected ...Great! They're soft and silky. They're quite easy to blend as well.

Overall: I loved this baby. Let me spend a few more words on the packaging: it's a black cardboard packaging with magnetic closure and full of silver sparkles outside, whereas it's a polished matte black inside. It's got a very nice mirror as well.
Black Dog, Barracuda, Jet
Sabbath, Cobra, Libertine
The palette comes with a mini Primer Potion in Eden, which is a skin-colored primer with matte finish, and a 27/4 liner in Zero (matte black). I haven't found any real CONS to this product, anyway, you might NOT want to buy this palette if:
- You don't like darker/blackish shades
- if you already have blackish/dark shades in your collection
- if you don't like shimmer eyeshadows (even though there's a matte one inside actually)

I've mainly purchased this palette because:
- I love shimmer shades and I didn't own a MATTE black
- I just wanted some dark/blackish shades for smoky eyes
- Let me be honest...I ♥ Urban Decay! xD

That's it for now, hope this was helpful =)
Have you tried this palette? Do you like it? Let me know!


  1. che bella!! nella foto della palette i colori non sembravano scuri come in quella degli swatches, mi piaaace

  2. anch'io ero convinta che fossero molto più scuri! ^_^

  3. colori molto interessanti! black e jet sono i miei preferiti...ma anche cobra non scheza! :)

  4. Colori molto intensi, per me non andrebbero bene...non riuscirei ad osare così ;-) però è molto bella!

  5. uh bella, davvero dallo swatch i colori sono molto più scuri e sono bellissimi! ^_^

  6. grazie ladies! ^_^
    @Dama eheh si in effetti son molto scuri =P

  7. Che bella! I colori sono molto carini e intensi!

  8. Bella! Bellissimi colori, intensi e pigmentati...basta con queste tentazioni Aru eheheh!

  9. Got it. Love it. ♥



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