Elf Natural and Party Palette Review and Swatches

Hi ladies!
Here's my review of the two Limited Edition eyeshadow palettes by Elf, the Natural and the Party Palette. These are still available online and they are perfect as a (Christmas or Birthday) present!

Review: the palettes come in a black plastic packaging which is transparent on the top so you can see the eyeshadows in it. There are 6 eyeshadows and a small eyeshadow brush.

Party Palette: this palette contains...
- A pale shimmering pink with golden glitters in it
- a very light satin blue
- a gorgeous velvety purple
- a soft pinkish purple
- a sparkling metal/grey with silver glitters
- a sparkling black with gorgeous silver glitters

The average pigmentation of these eyeshadows is good, although a couple of them, the first two, were quite disappointing. Th other shades are lovely though, especially the velvety purple, the grey and black, which are highly pigmented and very soft. The texture is quite fine and not too powdery, with a base these last very well and blend very well too.

Natural Palette contains...
- A shimmery salmon pink
- a pure sparkling gold
- a gorgeous copper
- a velvety sand color
- a velvety nude brown
- a shimmery dark/coffee brown

Overall this palette has a better pigmentation than the Party one, especially the darker shades, but has a slightly worse texture as the first row color are very glittery and powdery! So application can result quite tricky.

+ gorgeous shades
+ quite good pigmentation overall (some exceptions though)
+ quite good texture
+ only 4€ so good quality/price

- some shades aren't as pigmented as others
- some powdery or too glittery shades

- useless brush (maybe for blending pencil?)

Overall: If you're looking for a dramatic/smokey eyes palette, then you'll find the Party one suitable for your tastes as the dark shades work really well in terms of pigmentation and texture, although the palest ones aren't so intense.
If you prefer natural shades the Natural palette is a perfect choice as it's got gorgeous shimmery/velvety shades, however some of them are a bit too powdery.
Overall, considering their price (only 4€) these are good palettes for special occasions (Party palette) or to carry around in the bag.

I hope this review was helpful! Have you tried these? Let me know!


  1. i like the colors. Definitely looks like a perfect palette for the holiday season!

  2. Ma che belle, pigmentazione e scrivenza ottime! Non gli avrei dato un centesimo quando le ho viste sul sito!

  3. davvero carine! mi piace di piú la natural ^-^

  4. I got the party palette free on a promotional offer and I love itt :D:D

  5. A me piacciono tutte e due, le trovo economiche, ma buone qualitativamente... La elf non delude mai!...o quasi!

  6. queste palette sono tra i prodotti migliori della elf!

  7. molto bella la natural! :)

  8. Preferisco la natural, ma sono entrambe graziose.
    Tanti auguri di buon anno!

  9. Anche a me stanno piacendo molto :) ci si può giocare un sacco *o*

  10. che belle sono ben pigmentate a dispetto di quella da 100 che ho preso io!!! Uff lo sapevo che dovevo prendere queste >_<
    Se non ci sentiamo in altri post, buon anno!!! un bacione ^_^

  11. Grazie raggazze!!
    Thanks girls!! ^_^


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