yaby Cosmetics Palette: Review and Swatches

First of all, I'd like to thank the lovely Emma from The Makeup Artist Boutique for letting me review these products! She's been so kind and helpful, so thank you so much!
Now, to the products... I've heard and read so many reviews about yaby products that I was so curious to try them out!
About The Brand...
"yaby was developed by Toronto makeup artist, liz Yu, when she was searching for a solution to condensing her ever growing kit. after going through a number of DIY kit solutions, that eventually have to be replaced due to the limitations of easily sourced DIY materials, liz decided to create a more permanent and easily customized solution for all artists looking for an answer to their kits organization.

as a solution for make artists in all sectors of the industry, yaby carries palettes that provide convenience and highly customizable. each palette features built in stainless steel mixing palette, magnetic base, shock absorbing foam inserts with easy to clean surface, as well as the highly in demand freestyle palette. 

grippies and empties were created especially for the creative minds that love to condense. yaby's grippies are a life saver for depotted pans that just won't stick to magnetic palettes. these discs are made from the same materials as our pans, and will help make any aluminum pans usable with our palettes. empties are yaby's answer to the endless baggies of lipsticks and other cream products that do not require an airtight environment, saving space and time on the job, as well as security checks at the airports a breeze.

every year millions and millions of cosmetics containers are piling up in our landfills, as someone who is passionate in reducing everyday wastes, liz felt the need to spread the 'less waste' practice through yaby. every color that yaby carries comes as a refill, and can be used with our magnetic palettes. please join yaby in reusing our reclosable clam shell containers, that the colors come in, when preparing custom mixed colors to clients that will be leaving your care."

That's what they say in their website.

Review: The palette I'm going to review is called "21 well Set palette". 
It's a 14.4cm x 10.8cm case with stainless steel inside top cover.
It features a mirror polished stainless steel inside top cover.

Replacing color pans in the palette is quite easy. You just press down on one spot of the metal pan's edge to slightly enlarge it, remove pan and replace with another color of the same size. (see image)

I really like the packaging and style of this palette. It's very sleek and clean.

Eyeshadow Refills: first thing I've noticed about these pans is that they are very tiny!! They actually measure 15.5mm.
They come in various finishes:
matte (M) : matte
satin (S) :  light sheen
frost (F) : higher sheen finish without being super reflective
high shine (HS) : shimmery finish

Then we've got the Pearl Paint refills, these are described as "creamy eyeshadows that are actually a powder!" and waterproof too. To me, they seem very vibrant and shimmery colors, very pigmented too!

I've got these colors:
Hibiscus (M)
So Vein (M)
Purple Elephant (M)
eyeshadow swatches with base (artificial light)
eyeshadow swatches with base (natural light)
The Mauve (M) but it's more like a (S) satin to me
Glazed rose (HS)
Eggplant (pearl paint)
Passion fruit (pearl paint)
Broccoli Heaven (F) hilarious name! LOL and it's one of my faves! an emerald green with gold and blue sheen!
Platinum (Pearl paint)
First Snow (pearl paint)

+highly pigmented
+smooth texture
+easy blendable

- they're tiny!

eyeshadow refill
Overall: If these eyeshadows were just a little bigger they would be perfect! However, I like them because the colors are vibrant and highly pigmented and the texture is very smooth too! From the swatches you just can tell how much pigmented these are! Trust me, when you slightly press you finger on them it becomes fully colored!

Blush and Lip color refills
The Blush refill is 30mm and the lip color one is 20mm.
Review: I've got a blush color which is a lovely matte peach, very smooth and pigmented.
The lip colors are a coral pink with light pink sheen and a lighter shimmery pink shade. 

Overall: I've found these to be nicely pigmented and easy to apply too, the only thing I didn't "like" would be, again, the dimensions of the pans, quite small for a blush, whereas it doesn't bother me for the lip refill as it can be easy to apply them  with a lip pencil brush.
There are also three rectangular empty wells for eyebrow cakes/powders but if you find some rectangular pan that fits in them as well they could be useful too =)

Combine and mix!
Lip refill dimensions
Thats where the fun begins... I started playing around with my eyeshadow refills and I've noticed with great pleasure that the Madina eyeshadow refils (bivalve) and the Myface Cosmetics bling eyeshadows fit perfectly in the concealer/foundation/powder wells left. I think that the Mac refills would probably fit in the blush wells too but I'm not sure as I don't own any actually.
In the pictures you can see the remaining wells with the Madina and MyFace pans in it.

Final Thoughts and infos: Would I recommend this palette??
No, if you want something that contains the same kind of product (e.g. only eyeshadows) and if you prefer bigger sized palettes...
Yes, if you're looking for something multi functional, to travel with and carry around. The variety of wells lets you choose whether to put an eyeshadow, blush, powder, lip color refill of you choice and mix it as you like.
What about the refills?
Lips (left) and blush (right) refills swatches
I would definitely recommend the eyeshadow and pearl paints ones because even though they're small, you can buy more and more and they just take up a little space so, imagine an empty magnetic palette, you could fill it with so many of these!!!


Blush refill: £8.99
Eyeshadow refill: £1.99
Pearl Paint refill: £2.50
Lip color refill: £2.99
Palette: £9.99

The eyeshadows and pearl paint shadows refills, as well as the lip color ones, are quite cheap compared to their quality. I find the blush ones to be a little bit pricey instead.
To me, the key feature of these refills is the chance to store them in the yaby palettes, as well as in any magnetic palette own and same A LOT of space, thanks to the dimensions of the pans.
Here in Italy we have some good alternatives to these eyeshadow refill, which are the Madina Milano refills (bivalve) that are cheaper and bigger! However I had to consider that these are PROFESSIONAL products used by makeup artists (you probably know the Pixiwoo's use them very often in their videos), so I can understand why they're so tiny but so pigmented!

They are all available to purchase on The Makeup Artist Boutique website which is currently having a 15% sale! So they're actually cheaper!
Check out their Facebook Page too!
Personally, I've already ordered from this website and they are kind and helpful and ready to answer all of your questions and doubts regarding the products and orders.
I hope this review was helpful! Have you tried yaby products before? let me know!

Disclaimer: the products reviewed were provided by PR's for reviewing consideration, however these are my honest opinions, I wasn't paid by the company.


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