New Design, Rating and Review System!

Hi ladies!
As you might have noticed, in these days I've been studying AND working on the blog design...I've redone it to make it similar to the YouTube one. But it's not finished yet!
Yes because, along with the design changes, I'll be introducing (starting with the next posts) a new Rating and Reviewing system, to make it easier to read my reviews and have a "summary" of the key features of the product.

Here's an example:

Brand: Brand Name (eg "Illamasqua")
Product Type: eg lipstick
Quantity: eg 4,5g
Price: eg 13€
PAO (Period After Opening): eg 6M
Pros: eg pigmented, silky...
Cons: eg drying, uncomfortable...
Availability: eg online at www...
Rating: (from 1 to 5): eg 3/5

And that's it!! I think it's more effective and immediate, if you want a quick overview of the reviewed product ;) I hope this will be helpful!
But Now it's time to write some reviews!! LOL


  1. semplice, immediato e utile!
    Braverrima! ^_^


  2. buona idea! io ancora non mi sono arresa a questo sistema perché non sono per niente un tipo forse dovrei!

  3. I like the new design and the new rating system, very good idea! :) x


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