NOTD: BarryM Mushroom + Illamasqua Prism

by - Monday, February 14, 2011

Hi ladies!

In this NOTD I'd like to show you an experiment I've done with two nail polishes, as I wanted to experiment with layering and such..Here's the result!

I've applied two coats of BarryM Mushroom nail paint, a chocolate brown/taupe and on top of that I've put a layer of Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Prism, an iridescent pearl top coat...The result is pretty good, isn't it?? The brown turns into a bluish shade and the duochrome effect is so lovely!!

I'm quite satisfied with the result and I hope this mani will last at least a good four days on my nails because I like it very much! :P

That's it for now!! Have you already experimented with layering? Let me know!

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15 commenti

  1. Incredible how it changed the color beneath!
    Really nice!

  2. Bellissimo, dà un effetto davvero particolare, mi piace moltissimo!!!

  3. finish molto particolare ^^ bella idea!

  4. bellissimo risultato!!!!^_^

  5. molto bello come effetto! il top coat della illamasqa sembra molto simile al top coat "olografico" della collezione balck&white di essence :)

  6. bellissima idea, sei riuscita a svecchiare l'ormai scontato color fungo :D
    p.s. buon San Valentino Aru ♥

  7. Bello!!! adoro questo colore.

  8. ciao cara,
    davvero bello il colore^ ^

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. L'effetto finale è elegantissimo *_*

  11. Ma che bell' effetto *-* troppo troppo bello :D


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