OCC Loose Colour Pigments: Review and Swatches

Hi ladies!
Here' my review on the OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics) Loose Colour Concentrate pigments I currently own. I've used one of them in my latest video tutorial and FOTD and I thought I would give you my opinion on these products :)

Review: these eyeshadow pigments come in a simple transparent jar with 2,5gr of product. The color range is really wide and I honestly would have bought many more of them! The texture is very soft and it blends effortlessly, causing just some minor fallouts of product.

Ncise (noise) is described as a "plum with blue duochrome". I'd say it's rather a purple and blue duochrome... However, I absolutely love this one!
Hum is a "peach with pink shimmer". This one is almost an orange/salmon pink and yes, it's got a lovely pink shimmer. It's the "sheerest" of the three but it's lovely!

Slag is a "gold/green duochrome". Absolutely agree with this description as it's really a toxic green with golden reflections.

Noise, Hum and Slag (natural light)
Noise, Hum and Slag (natural direct sunlight)
All of these pigments are really shimmering and very flattering once on the lid and trust me, they won't disappoint you! ;D
Overall: I usually apply them with a primer underneath and they last all day, they have a great finely milled texture and blend beautifully. Really really recommended!

They are available online at Love-Makeup and Cocktail Cosmetics ^_^

Brand: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC makeup)
Product Type: eyeshadow pigment
Quantity: 2,5 gr
Price: 7,95/7,99£ (about 9€)
PAO (Period After Opening): 36M
Pros: great texture, color range and easy to blend
Cons: availability (just online)
Availability: Love-Makeup and Cocktail Cosmetics
Rating: 5/5

That's it for now!
I hope this review was useful :) Have you already tried these OCC pigments? Let me know!


  1. Tutti e tre bellissima ma Slag...wow!

  2. Sai Aru non me li aspettavo così particolari, per me era il marchio dei Lip Tar, invece questi gli sono riusciti eccome :)Belli belli!

  3. che bellissimi *O* soprattutto il duochrome verde (e a te sta benissimo!). Peccato mi stia limitando con le spese di make up U_U

  4. bellissimi!!!!Adoro soprattutto quel verdino, è luminosissimo e molto particolare!!

  5. Bellissimi...^_-

  6. Bellissimi, specialmente HUM!!! *.*!

  7. Ottime combinazioni ^_^
    Noice è favolosooooo <3 <3

  8. Sono uno più bello dell'altro ma Hum è quello che preferisco.

  9. sono bellissimi *_* però il mio preferito è Noise ^^


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