I'm the new Guest Blogger at MakeupWorld International!

Hi ladies!! Yes, you're reading it, I'm the new Guest blogger of MakeupWorld Italia, the Italian website about all things makeup and beauty! ;-D I'll be writing posts on the "International" section of the site, "Makeup in the World" dedicated to all international makeup lovers! I'd like to thank Sara and all the staff of MakeupWorld for giving me this nice opportunity and I'd like to inform you that I won't be the only guest blogger in the section!

So if you are interested in becoming an international guest blogger at MakeupWorld.it just go here ;-)
Guest Bloggers wanted!! =D

Obviously I'll be continuing to write my posts here too! I would never leave my beloved blog! ;-D
That's all for now, so remember, if you'd like to become one of the official members of MakeupWorld International don't miss this chance! ;-D

Ciao ragazze! Si avete letto bene, sono la nuova guest blogger di MakeupWorld Italia! Il sito italiano sul makeup e la bellezza ;-D Scriverò i miei post nella sezione International del sito, "Makeup in the World" dedicata appunto alle amanti del makeup internazionali! Vorrei anche ringraziare Sara (amministratrice del sito) e tutto lo staff di MakeupWorld per avermi dato questa bella opportunità e vi informo che non sarò l'unica guest blogger del sito!!!

Quindi leggete bene: se siete interessate a diventare guest blogger internazionali (ovvero scrivere prevalentemente in inglese) su MakeupWorld basta che andiate qui! A.A.A. Guest bloggers cercasi! =D

Ovviamente continuerò come sempre a scrivere prevalentemente qui sul mio amatissimo blog che nn potrei mai abbandonare! ;-D Direi che è tutto per ora e ricordate, se volete diventare un membro di MakeupWorld Italia fateci sapere (a me o a Sara)!!



  1. Congrats Aru!!!!! :) :) :) what exactly did they want from you? what will you be writing about?

  2. thank you! :-*
    I'll be writing posts similar to the ones in my blog, reviews, swatches, tips etc...about non-italian brands ;-D

  3. and how often do you have to write for them?

  4. I don't have a fixed number of posts ;-) I can write whenever I want! ^_^

  5. Hm it sounds interesting! And what will you gain from this? I mean can you "advertise" your blog, so that you can get new followers?

  6. yes definitely! since it's a visible site ;-D

  7. Hm so I just send them a message saying I want to do reviews etc. for them?

  8. yes! You can tell them you'd like to review for them from time to time ;-)

  9. Welcome Aru!!! =)

    PR Manager

  10. bravissima!!! Tanti Tanti complimenti!!! Ovviamente ti leggerò ovunque ^_^

  11. eheh grazie mille Dny! ^_^
    un bacio! :-*


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