Ellis Faas Winter Glow for Holidays 2010

Get into the mood for Winter

For the upcoming holiday season, Ellis selected a gift set she has called Winter Glow.
It consists of three best-selling products for a beautiful and festive look: Creamy Lips in the signature shade “Ellis Red”, the holographic Bordeaux highlight for the eyes and an intense black mascara. 
These three products can be combined to create either a dramatic party look or a more subtle makeup for every day.

Extra discount for the first orders

Of course the Winter Glow set comes for a special price. But if that is not enough, the first hundred of you who pre-order the Winter Glow now, will get a 7.5% discount over the whole order, which more than covers the shipping costs.
To grab your chance for this double deal, please go to our webshop and pre-order the Winter Glow now! (and maybe more?). Don't forget to enter the couponcode GlowNow, during the checkout process.

What do You think about this brand? Have you already tried it? Let me know!



  1. vero, peccato che Ellis Faas sia cosi cara come marca... -.-

  2. ma non sarà troppo lo sconto? ahahh
    però quell'holographic bordeaux mi tenta... il rossetto e il mascara li ho già...stupendi!

  3. eh si troppo decisamente -.-" hihihi
    si guarda se non fosse per il prezzo avrei già comprato tutto! xD

  4. Molto bello, ma decisamente caro.

  5. I've never tried this brand before, but it looks amazing on the picture

  6. @LaDamaBianca concordo! =P
    @Beauty Addict yes it is! I've heard so many good reviews about it, it's a pity the prices are so high though =(

  7. bellissimo...solo che 65 euro per tre prodotti...questa volta passo >_< Grazie per la news però!!!

  8. hai ragione! infatti anche per le mie tasche è troppo purtroppo u.u


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