100...and my first Giveaway!!

by - Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hi ladies!
A few days ago I reached my first 100 followers! I'm so happy! So THANK YOU SO MUCH for following my blog! I'm so glad to have reached this goal and I hope you'll keep joining my blog ;-)

Be prepared for my first Giveaway!!! I still haven't organized it properly, but I'm sure you'll like the prize =)
So stay tuned and spread the word and let everyone know about it! As soon as I come back from my summer vacation I'll prepare something special to celebrate this occasion with you all!

That's it for now! Have a nice day!

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15 commenti

  1. Congratulazioniiiiiii! :D
    Il blog è molto molto bello!!

  2. Complimenti per il meritato traguardo! Un bacione ^_^

  3. grazie ragazze!!! :-***

  4. Well done on the 100 subscribers!

  5. grazie Dea! :-***
    Thanks Enigma! =D

  6. congratulazioni di cuore!! hai un blog davvero bello!! =)

  7. Complimenti, li meriti tutti, hai un gran bel blog ^^

  8. Grazie mille!!! :-***

  9. 1oo?? bravissima!!! bisogna festeggiare XD



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