NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils: review and swatches

by - Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hi ladies!
Sorry for the lack of posts, it's not a very good period for me... Anyway, let's talk about makeup! :D
Today I's like to show you my NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow pencils.

Review: the first time I saw these online I thought that the colors were just stunning, but what about creasing? Which is a common issue with cream/stick eyeshadows. So I decided to try some of them. The result both pleased and kinda disappointed me because:

+ they are very pigmented
+ easy to blend
+ easy to apply as they come in pencils
+ great as a BASE (not as a PRIMER!)
+ wide color range
+ they don't fade away
+ cheap!

- they tend to crease if a primer isn't applied under them

Overall: I think that creasing is the main issue I have with these babies, so if you're looking for a good cream eyeshadow, pigmented and shiny, these are for you! BUT always remember to apply a primer under them to avoid creasing =)

Nyx Jumbo pencils can be found online on many UK web sites. I've bought them from Cocktail Cosmetics and Love MakeUp. They're very cheap as they cost around 3£.

That's all for now, I hope this was useful. Have you tried Nyx Jumbo Pencils yet? Let me know!

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13 commenti

  1. questi matitoni mi son sempre piaciuti molto, dovrò decidermi ad acquistarli prima o poi!

  2. ehehe vero che son bellini? comodi e pratici....perfetti! hihi =P

  3. questi matitoni mi stanno chiamando.. li sento.. :D

  4. belli li adoro!!! Economici e colori stupendi ^_^

  5. I am adoring the gold for a dramatic look. ♥

  6. I agree with you. They're great, except about the fact that they crease. I have 2 NYX Jumbo pencils at the moment (Puple, Slate) and I have to get a Milk one as well.

  7. ma che belli!!Li metto nella mia wish list :P

  8. I hope things will get better for you honey!!

    Will they still crease, even if you apply a primer? I wanted to get some of these!

  9. Ho fatto l'ordine su love make up, volevo prenderne altri, ma poi ho desistito perché preferisco come basi i long lasting. Certo per il prezzo le jumbo pencils sono ottime... al prossimo penso le ricomprerò.:)

  10. Questi matitoni sono bellissimi!

  11. @Alice hihihi =P
    @Dony vero, i colori sono bellissimi *-*
    @Hanna so true!! ;-)
    @nihrida I think that's the only "problem" they have, otherwise they're great! ^_^
    @sabrys ;-D
    @Stavroula Thank you sweetie! I hope so too... With a primer it's definitely better ;-) howeer after 5/6 hours they tend to crease a little again, but I think they're worth trying! ;-)
    @Margue si in effetti quelle di kiko credo che vadano un po' meglio, pur non avendole, anche perchè queste son molto cremose. Fammi sapere come ti trovi ;-D
    @gio grazie!! :D

  12. E' una vita che penso di prenderli.. quello bianco e quello nero penso siamo utilissimi!!

  13. si come basi son perfetti! =)


Grazie di essere passata, leggo ogni singolo commento con piacere e rispondo appena posso ;D Besitoss!!