The Best Of 2010: My Top 10!

Hi ladies!
This post is a tribute to the best products that 2010 has given us, my personal Top 10 of what's been a rave for all of us makeup addicted! Let's start!

Urban Decay - The NAKED Palette
We've ALL raved about this gorgeous palette....Me too! It's amazing! It's become one of my favorite palettes ever...High quality, pigmentation, gorgeous finishes...I love it!

Illamasqua Precision Ink in Abyss
THE liquid eyeliner! it's the blackest, most intense, insanely gorgeous and most long lasting eyeliner I've ever tried! I still haven't got the chance to review it properly, but I assure you that if you're looking for a fabulous black eyeliner that will set on your lid and stay there for ages with a gorgeous glossy finish...This one's for you!! I love Illamasqua and I think this is one of their best products!

Mac Marine Life Highlight Powder
Do you remember the To The Beach Collection for this past Summer by Mac? What was the most raved product of teh entire collection? In my opinion it was the Marine life highlight powder! It's gorgeous! So gorgeous I still haven't had the courage to use it to avoid spoiling it's amazing golden overspray! =P

Madina Milano Prisma Shine Collection

One word: LOVE. I've literally fallen in love with this brand! There isn't a single product I wouldn't repurchase! Starting with the Prisma Shine collection, with its Eyeshadows, Blushes and Highlighters! These are pure light on the eyes and cheeks!

Face Atelier Ultra Foundation
A latecomer for this year, as I've recently discovered it! This foundation makes the skin look flawless and healthy! Moreover is super long lasting, comfortable and high covering! I'm really liking it so far and I'll bring it with me in the new year! :D (review coming tomorrow!)

Caudalie Hand and Nails Nourishing Cream

The best hand cream I've ever had. Here it's so cold in winter and my hands and nails suffer so much! This is the perfect remedy for keeping them soft as silk and protected...moreover it strengthens my nails too, preventing breakage.

OCC Lip Tars
ALL of them! LOL! They're the most pigmented and intense lip colors I've ever tried! And you probably remember how much I love these! =P

Truccominerale Flatbuki Brush
Another late discovery but I'm loving it! This brush is PERFECT to apply foundation! It's got super dense bristles and it's so soft! I'm planning a review for it because it deserves it! :D

Chanel Paradoxal Nail Polish
The most duped of the year! LOL! Although the quality of this nail polish is mediocre, I think the color is quite unique and if you've had the chance to see it personally, I'm sure you agree =) I've put it in this list because it's the most duped and raved polish for this year in my opinion and because the color is gorgeous!

Too Faced Glamour Gloss
This is the most pigmented, insanely good scented and long lasting lipgloss I've tried! I'm in love with it! However, fate has decided I had to LOOSE it...I don't know why, but I cannot find it anymore! :( This will be my first (re)purchase of 2010! You bet it! ;-D

That's it for now! What are the products you'll bring with you in the new year?? Let me know!


  1. Come promesso eccomi qui a leggere la tua di lista ;)
    Lo smalto Chanelll =Q____ Io amo gli Chanel *___*

    Mi piace un sacco anche il kabuki di neve ;)

    Ancora buona vigilia! Ciauuu^^

  2. Aru, bellissimi dieci prodotti approvati anche da me, come i prodotti madina, occ lip tar, naked palette che è diventata permamente: a Roma stazione termini c'è ne sono a bizzeffe.
    Tanti auguri:)

  3. tutto delizioso! a fine anno voglio farlo anch'io questo post! mi servono un pò di giorni per ridurre a soli 10 prodotti la mia lista xD

  4. Come ho detto a dany la Urban Decay - The NAKED Palette *_* io la stra AMOOOO!!! =( la devo acquistare. Quello smalto chanel è bellissimo tesoro!! Buona vigilia <3 bacioni!

  5. la palette naked è troppo bella... <3
    ma è vero che gli eyeliner di illamasqa si sono ispirati ai superslick di mac come qualità?

  6. @Daniela ahaha si ho fatto una bella fatica anch'io! xD
    @Marty concordo, la NAKED è da avere! :D
    @Maria non so se si siano ispirati a quelli di Mac èero', avendoli entrambi (due superslick di mac e questo di illamasqua) posso garantirti che la qualità è la medesima! anzi, l'intensità di colore di quello illamasqua è superlativa! *-*

  7. That eyeliner looks very tempting!


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