Sleek Makeup Blushes Review and Swatches

Hi ladies!
As promised in my previous post, here's the review of the two Sleek MakeUp blushes I've bought and showed you in my YouTube video (I still can't believe I have filmed my first YT review lol!)

Review: these blushes come in a black sturdy case with a nice mirror inside them. The product contained is 8g and costs 6€. The shades I own are Pixie Pink and Rose Gold.

Pixie Pink vs Pink Passion by Elf
The first thing I've noticed is that these blushes are very similar. Pixie pink is a little darker and less powdery, causing minimal fallouts of product, while Elf Pink Passion is a little more pigmented but also more powdery.

Rose Gold vs Nars Orgasm
As I've specified in the video, these two blushes seem very different at first glance. Orgasm contains 4,8g for 24€ while Rose gold is 6€ for 8g, quite a difference! The real surprise comes when you actually apply them, they're almost identical! Same pigmentation, same finish, same golden sheen... Orgasm looks "more pink" while Rose gold seems like a peachy color in the package, but they're really similar! You can see it from the swatches...

Overall: Sleek blushes are very soft and finely milled, have good texture and reasonable lasting power.
+ good pigmentation

+ nice texture
+ great quality/price
+ easy to blend

I really recommend these blushes! That's all for now! I hope this review was helpful.
Have you tried sleek blushes? let me know!


  1. ROSE GOLD E' DAVVERO UN DUPE FAVOLOSO PER L'ORGASM...Ci farò un pensiero...^_^

  2. @Stefy lo è!! *-*
    @Amigas Makeup gracias!! :)

  3. Sono sempre più convinta che rose gold sia stupendo!!

  4. I didn't know you made a youtube video! :) I can't understand a thing lol, but you look gorgeous Aru! ;) I commented on your video too!

    I own both blushes and they're really nice! Oh I love the comparisons too! ;) xxx

  5. LOL thank you!!
    I love these blushes too, they were a real bargain with the sale :D

  6. Anche io ho il rose gold ed è fantastico, mi piace moltissimo. :D

  7. Cariiiiiini *_* Soprattutto il dupe del nars :-)


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