I Love-Makeup(.co.uk)!

The title itself is quite explicative ...I just received my Love-makeup order ...and i LOVE everything!! xD LOL
First of all...The package... I don't usually care a lot about how the items are boxed and such...But this time the products arrived in a cute little brown box and they were wrapped in a lovely barbie pink tissue-paper...so cute!! The bubble wrap was pink too!! *-*
Anyway...let's move on to the products..

Urban Decay E/S Primer Potion
Perhaps the most famous e/s primer! I've recently got the "Sin" version, but I also wanted to have the classic one... Because I love it! The best e/s base I've ever tried!

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
Never used a primer before...Because I felt I never needed one! But this one caught my attention when I read about it in a blog post by the lovely Emma, who advised  me to try it out....I followed her advice ...and I'll try it out very soon.

Mac Heatherette Lipstick

This lipstick is absolutely gorgeous!! Gorgeous color, gorgeous packaging, gorgeous finish....Gorgeous!! xD Moreover, it's my FIRST Mac Lipstick! Yay!! xD I have to admit it...I fell in love with the vanilla scent of this one...and if eachMac lipstick has it...I think my collection will grow up very soon!!

Mac Mineralize Blush in "Hot Planet"
The second Mac blush I own actually...The colors are lovely! I can't wait to try this one too...

SO many things to try! xD I guess it's time I begin to test all them...
That's it for now!

Btw... Is there any Mac lipstick you suggest me to try? There are so many shades that I don't know which one to begin with!



  1. wowwww due pacchi in un giorno!!!
    Non è fantastico?
    Io ho un rossetto di mac e un lipglass (appiccicosissimo)...tutti e due profumati, ma non di vaniglia. Però è un buon profumo!

    Io cmq ho Creme d'Nude...molto bello!

  2. Si!!! Mi sembra Natale! xD Creme d'Nude...ok ci farò un pensierino! ;-D grazie mille!!!

  3. Great buys, I especially love the Mac Heatherette lipstick

  4. Thanks Jony!!! Yes, the Heatherette lipstick is such a lovely color! ^_^


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