Illamasqua Body Electrics for Summer 2010

A sweet temptation...I've fallen into!
I've just made my 3rd Illamasqua order...And I've chosen to buy a new nail varnish from the Body Electrics collection!
I can't wait to try the products out! I would have bought the entire collection, but I must save money for other products I'd like to try...

Illamasqua is a brand I came across with about a year ago... I decided to try some of their products and I was really pleased with the overall quality, although the prices are not so cheap...However, I think they're worth it! I was so excited to hear about this new collection that I decided to make an order as soon as it would launch! And here it is! My latest Illamasqua order!

So... While I'm waiting for my prducts to arrive... What do you think about this collection? Will you try some of their new products?
Let me know!

That's it for now!

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