I'm Back!

My little vacation is over...unfortunately =( but there are some nice news! 
The first one, well you're reading it right now! =D I'm going to write my blog posts in English, as the majority of my lovely readers (even if just 7, but better quality than quantity! ;-) would prefer to read me in English (if you still haven't done it, you could check the poll in my sidebar), and I think they're right, so I'm also trying to improve my written English. However I'll still write some important parts in Italian ^_^
The other big news is...I've spent SO much money these days! xD clothing and of course...makeup!!! *-* and I'll be posting my haul with some reviews and swatches... So, stay tuned!! ;-)

That's all for now!


  1. Welcome back lovely! So nice to read your posts in English!
    Can't wait to see the haul post!

  2. Thanks sweetie! ^_^ I Hope to write in an understandable English =P
    Non vedo l'ora di farvi vedere il mio bottino! xD


  3. Your English is flawless so far! Parola di Prof!

    I do lem over the new Illamasqua polishes too. And, yes, make-up is an art, and I am so pleased this brand exudes art rather than plain beauty!
    They're sending over some samples to me, and I really can't wait! I only have 1 eyeshadow cream eyeshadow from them, and it's so beautiful!

  4. Thank you! ^_^ I've got some Illamasqua products too and they're just amazing! I think I'll review them someday, because I'm very pleased with their quality!
    So you're one of the luckies who've been sent some products! *-* Can't wait to see them in action! xD


Grazie di essere passata, leggo ogni singolo commento con piacere e rispondo appena posso ;D Besitoss!!