Mini Haul: Bourjois & Essence

Today I went to m beloved "Manor" shopping center in Lugano and I bought some products I had already seen and wanted...

- Essence "show your feet" polish
- Essence Nail Polish Remover Pen
- Bourjois 1001Lashes

I really like the color of this polish! A deep purple with blue shimmery sheen! The shade is "catwalk pink" and I am so curious to try this out!
I've also bought my favorite nail polish remover pen at the moment, the essence one, which is perfect!!! It's got a cherry scent and it's so precise! My must-have for completing the mani!

Finally I was curious to try this mascara out...1001Cils (or 1001Lashes) by Bourjois...I always hear and read reviews and comments about this brand, but I never bought any products...this one's the first I'll try and I was really impressed by the brush because it's a silicone one and it's got a spiral shape to grab the lashes so that it "multiplies the number of lashes", at least this is what the packaging says! I'll verify it by myself of course =D (I don't think my number of lashes will increase though xD)

That's it for now!

Do you have any Bourjois products to suggest me? Let me know!


  1. Aaaah you're so lucky to have access to Bourjois!
    Ti consiglio i fard, sono bellissimi! Anche dei mascara ho sentito cose positive, e dei lucidalabbra. Ho anche una matita bourjois ed è molto morbida! Sono stata fessa a non prendere più cose quando ero a Londra!!!

  2. Ok allora proverà qualche fard, ero in cerca di uno decente (oltre al mio Orgasm ovviamente *-*)
    Cavoli anch'io sono stata a Londra e non sono rimasta abbastanza per riempire la valigia xD
    thanks for the tips sweetie! ^_^

  3. I love the colour of your essence polish, it looks great! :)

  4. Thanks! ^_^ And believe me when I tell you that in reality it looks even better! *-* I'll do a NOTD review for sure =)

  5. Bourjois AND Essence :D epic win!


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