The Cheap Alternative...

Today I'm going to write about a few products I've tried and I love, despite their price which isn't very cheap...and their cheaper alternatives I find as good as their dupes! (and in some cases even better!)...And it's also a good way to show you the latest products I've recently got and tried ;-)

Note: click on the images to see the colors and comparisons better ;-D

YSL Rouge Volupté Lipstick n° 27 "Rose Paris" vs NYX Round Lipstick "Rose"
One of my first posts was about this lipstick and how I love it so much...I still do! But after a while I found a good alternative which is surprisingly cheaper! I'm talking about Nyx Round Lipstick in "Femme" which is REALLY similar to the YSL one and as moisturizing as the first one. 25€ vs 2€ and I don't have to add anything more =P...Obviously, as they're both very creamy and silky, they tend to fade quite early, but if you buy a lipstick at 2€ you don't mind, if you spend over 25€ it's a bit annoying! LOL

Rouge Coco Chanel "Mademoiselle" vs Elf Mineral Lipstick in "Barely Bitten"
I've heard so many things about Rouge Coco Lipsticks! And I finally got the chance to have my hands on one of them yesterday, thanks to my dad who bought this one for me - awww I love u! :-* - anyway...This lipstick is fantastic! (I've got n°5 Mademoiselle, like the Chanel N°5 perfume LOL! ) Creamy, soft and pigmented! However here in Italy it costs 27€ ...So what's better than a cheap alternative?? =D In this case Elf Mineral Lipstick in Barely Bitten is almost the same shade and it's quite creamy! Moreover it costs just 4€. Of course it lasts less than the first one, but it's not a big deal when you save more than 20€! ;-)

Nars Orgasm blush vs Bourjois "Rose d'Or" blush
Who doesn't know the most famous blush in the cosmetic world? =D I got it a while ago because I was so curious to try it out personally, and I found out that it's a great product! A peachy rose blush with gold sheen, looking lovely on pale/light skin like mine...But here comes the sore point, the price! 24€ which is not very cheap...BUT I found a very good alternative!! I'm talking about Bourjois blush in Rose Gold, which is a little more pink than Orgasm which is more like a peachy color, but on the cheeks it gives the same golden sheen effect that I love in the Nars blush...And you spend about 8€! Not bad hun? ;-)
I know there's also the Studio Blush/Bronzer duo by ELf in which the blush is described by many bloggers equal to Orgasm, I haven't tried it so let me know if you have it! ;-D

Mac Lipstick in Thrills vs Nyx Round Lipstick in "Indian Pink"
The latest collection by Mac is called To The Beach and it totally grabbed my attention, so I bought this lipstick and the highlight powder...Talking about Thrills: Mac lipsticks are a very high quality at a reasonable price if compared to other makeup brands (eg Chanel,YSL, Lancome, D&G etc) however, unless you are a maniac like me, xD buying a bunch of them would cost a lot...And here comes the cheap alternative! I'm talking about Nyx RL in Indian Pink which is very creamy and almost the same shade, just a little less intense in the golden frosty finish but 18€ vs less than 2€ it's worth checking it out.

Illamasqua Intense Lipglosses vs OCC Lip Tars
I'm an Illamasqua lover and when I first purchased their Intense glosses I loved the intensity and the colors, so rich and vibrant and the product is so creamy and long lasting! However this brand isn't so cheap if you consider that these glosses cost 13£ (about 15€) for 7ml of product...This time I think I've found the perfect alternative in OCC lip Tars! They cost about 9€ for 8ml and are as pigmented as the Illamasqua ones (in some cases even better!!) and long lasting as well...Moreover they're vegan and contain a list of ingredients useful to keep the lips moisturized. I purchased them on The Makeup Artist Boutique and on Pro Makeup Store, here are the swatches.

That's all for now! If you find these posts useful let me know! So I can look up for another list of good dupes ;-D
And by the way...Have you got any good/cheap alternatives? Let me know!



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  5. hi there! im just a little confused about your ysl lipcolor and nyx rl comparison. in the photo its nyx rl in rose, but you mentioned femme. what is it really? rose or femme? they aren't the same, are they? thanks a bunch! really helpful. :))


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