Elf Mineral Eyeshadows Review & Swatches

If I had to pick up a product I really like among my huge Elf collection, I'd probably choose Mineral Eyeshadows! I remember when I first tried them...My reaction was like "omg these are pure shimmer!" And it's totally true, one of the key features of these eyeshadows is that they are REALLY shimmery! I also like them because they're pigmented, very silky and soft on the lid...and with a good base they last all day long!
Here are the shades I currently own:

Golden: a copper shade with gold shimmer, very pigmented!
Celebrity: a skin tone with multicolor shimmer, very natural.
Angelic: a pure white with white and silver shimmer, lovely!
Girly: a soft lilac with multicolor shimmer. It's the least pigmented and the also the least shimmer.
Caffeinated: a coffee brown with gold shimmer, very pigmented.
Royal: a deep and dark purple with multicolor shimmer, very pigmented.
Elegant: a light nude pink with multicolor shimmer, very natural and pigmented.

Swatches in artificial light (click for full size)
Elf Mineral Eyeshadows
price: 3,50€
quantity: 0,9g per jar
quality: 4/5
packaging: 4/5

overall these are one of the best powder eyeshadows I've tried so far. They're pigmented and lightweight. The only minor thing I don't really like is that when it comes to blending them, they tend to dissolve on the lid and become a single color, so they require an expert touch to be blended well. Apart from that, I really like them! And if you add the incredibly affordable price, these become a must in every Elf-addicted like me! xD

Swatches in natural Light (click for full size)

Have you tried any mineral eyeshadows from other brands? Let me know!


  1. pretty :) I have a lot of them! I still have to try them wet! :)

  2. me too, I haven't tried them wet yet...I guess they'll be even more intense!


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