Product Find: LDM Cosmetics

My makeup passion is worldwide xD, so if I find a product worth its money, why not trying it? =)
A few weeks ago I made an order on this website that sells a lot of English drugstore brands (some of them totally unkown by me xD) so I decided to try out some of them... When my package arrived (very well packaged by the way =D!) I was so surprised by the quality of the products... Definitely a very good find!

The brand I'm talking about is called LDM (Ludanmei). I believe it's a Chinese brand and it's also got a very nice website (just google it ;-D) I know many of you may think "Chinese? No way!" but I've looked at the products' INCI and most of the ingredients are very good and commonly used in cosmetics companies... And so far I haven't had any strange reactions ;-)

The products I've tried are their blushes, their lipsticks... And an eyeshadow trio:
(click on the images to enlarge them)

Terracotta Compact Blusher
These are GREAT blushes! Highly pigmented, soft and with a pearlized finish I had never seen before! I've picked up shade 11, a deep bronzed pink, and 06, which reminds me of Orgasm and when applied on the cheeks they're really gorgeous! Another great aspect is the price: 4.25£ (5€) only!!!! I'm in love with them! XD

Terracotta Eyeshadow trio
Since this is a drugstore and cheap brand, I wasn't expecting much from this eyeshadows... And I was wrong! These are shimmery, pigmented and buttery! (Note: I always read about "buttery" products and I don't know whether to consider it a good or a bad feature but personally I intend it in a very positive way!). I've chosen shade 12, which has got a gold, a bronze and a dark brown that look very natural once applied on the lids, but they can also be mixed to obtain a more dramatic/smokey effect. Price: 2.95£ (about 3,50€), perfect!!

Lucent Shine Lipstick
Lipsticks, along with blushes, are my latest addiction! So I decided to try three shades: 29, a vibrant purple, 10, a bronzed red with gold sheen and 19, a dark peachy pink with red undertone. My last sentence: PERFECT!!! These lipsticks are just amazing! They're what I look for in a lipstick: creamy, highly pigmented, hydrating and cheap! Obviously, being so creamy makes them less lasting on the lips, but I don't mind since they just cost 3.85£ (4,50€) each!
You can see from the swatches how pigmented they are and trust me when I say that my poor, ever-dry lips were so happy when I put them on! xD

I think I can definitely say I'm loving this new discovered brand so far and I'm sure I'll try out other products... Here's their website (very nice btw =D) although I purchased them on .
Have you ever heard about LDM before? Have you got any English drugstore brands you love? Let me know!



  1. thank you so much for this review! Greetins from venezuela! :)


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