My Favorite Mascaras!

Hi ladies!!
I've just come back from my second university exam and now I can relax a bit... =)
Today I'd like to show you a list of Mascaras I always use and love...

Let's begin with Sexy Curves by Rimmel. I discovered this mascara a while ago, when looking for a good separating brush with rubber bristles... I found it!! I think this mascara separates lashes in an incredible way! Moreover it adds a good length to the lashes while curving them...Two thumbs up for this mascara!

Then I tried Max Factor's False Lash Effect and all I have to say is...The name says it all!!! My lashes are really thin and a medium length, but this mascara manages to thicken them like no other! As for the lengthening part, I think it's not the best one, but if you want to add volume to your lashes, obtaining a "false lash" effect, then this is the best mascara!

Third, but not for importance...Is YSL Everlong mascara. This mascara is the most expensive in the list, but it definitely does what the name says! Everlong lashes...that is to say infinite length! Well, maybe not infinite, but rather impressive length is what this mascara gives to the lashes once applied...Apart from that, the other major thing I always notice when applying it is the ever-raved-for fan effect it gives to my lashes! I think that this mascara in couple with Sexy Curves one is a perfect combo!

Last, but not least, the new Lash Extension Effect by Max Factor. This one has been sent to me by the lovely Laura from Max Factor Italia with some other products from the summer collection I'm going to try and review soon ;-)
I haven't tried it in conjunction with the other mascaras so I can clearly tell you what it does. I was impressed by the length of the wand and the numerosity of the bristles... The main merit of this mascara is its lengthening effect. It really increases the length of the lashes while separating them quite well (I say "quite" because I think the best separating one still remains Sexy Curves). As for the volume, it can be achieved by applying two or more coats of it repeatedly. This is a really good mascara!

Now, to sum things up a little bit =P
- if you look for VOLUME ..try False Lash Effect mascara
- if you want LENGTH, try YSL Everlong mascara or MF Lash Extension Effect (the cheaper, the better! xD)
- if you need to SEPARATE your lashes, Rimmel Sexy Curves is the best one, as well as YSL Everlong one.

If you can afford more than one mascara here are my favorite COMBOS:
- False Lash Effect (VOLUME) + Sexy Curves (SEPARATE)
- False Lash Effect (VOLUME) + YSL Everlong (FAN effect and length)
- False Lash Effect (VOLUME) + Lash Extension Effect (LENGTH)
- Sexy Curves (SEPARATE) + YSL Everlong (FAN effect and length)

As you have probably noticed, my favorite mascara is Max Factor's False Lash Effect! =D But I also love Sexy Curves because is the only one I've tried that succeeds so well in separating the lashes so far. But to be honest, All of these are great mascaras!
That's it for now, what's YOUR favorite mascara?? =)
Let me know!



  1. Bel post! Io amo Sexy Curves, ma ora sono fissata con la lunghezza. Mi piace molto anche False Lash Effect, e anche se ormai sto usando il Lash Activator di Cargo, mi chiedevo se valesse la pena provare Lash Extension Effect in seguito.

    ora sono convinta che lo proverò :***

  2. Grazie! ^_^ si li adoro anch'io! se hai le ciglia non sottilissime come le mie il lash extension ti piacerà! =D fammi sapere come ti trovi! ;-D


  3. bellissimo questo post! Devo provare quello della Rimmel, mi ispira la forma dell'applicatore... ^_^

  4. Grazie! Si te lo consiglio se vuoi dividerle ben bene! io è da piu di un anno che lo uso e non lo mollo piuuu!!! =D

  5. eh sì costa troppo, ma è fantastico. poi ho capito che a volte è meglio rinunciare a 3 prodotti di cui non si è sicuri da 10 euro, per comprarne uno che magari ti dura 6 mesianche usato ogni giorno e che sei sicura sia buonissimo.


Grazie di essere passata, leggo ogni singolo commento con piacere e rispondo appena posso ;D Besitoss!!