NOTD: Sunset by Elf

Hi ladies! Today is NOTD time! :D And this time I decided to go for an Elf Nail Polish: "Sunset". I find Elf polishes to have really nice colors! This one is a burgundy/wine shade with a bit of gold shimmer. It's got a glossy finish, it applies smoothly on the nails and it's quite rich and covering (although not the most covering one I've tried). I really like this product both for its color and its quality/price ratio (just 1,70€ each!)

Here are the swatches (two coats, natural light)

That's all for now! Have you tried ELf's nail polishes? How do you find them? Let me know! =)


  1. awwwww pretty! :) btw nice and careful nail polish application! ;)

  2. thanks! I think it's a matter of practice, my first manicures were horrible! LOL xD

  3. che bel colore e che belle unghie che hai! Io non mi ci sono trovata bene con lo smalto della Elf, era coprente ma non riuscivo più a toglierlo e mi rimaneva l'unghia blu!!! >_<
    Baci Dony

  4. I like painted nails, but I'm usually too bored to paint them!! lol !!

  5. @Dony grazie! :) davvero ? oddio spero non mi capiti lo steoo =O anche se ho applicato una base come sempre..speriamo! cavoli è un peccato, fanno davvero dei bellissimi colori ^_^

    @Stavroula lol I am very lazy! I apply it once a week and I hope it lasts at least for another week s I don't have to change it xD fortunately it usually lasts =P

  6. On my toes it lasts for a week, on my hands it doesn't last for more than 2 days :( and I use base coat and top coat!


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