The Battle of Concealers!

Hi ladies! Today I want to talk about concealers... Personally, concealer is a fundamental part of my makeup routine for many reasons, mainly because I need a really good coverage do hide my ex-rosacea problems (mostly redness), visible pores around my nose and some imperfections on my chin. They're really visible on bare skin so I usually need a full coverage on those areas. That's why I've tried so many concealers that I can now give you some advices about the best ones I've tried so far =)

Let's begin with the one I am currently using:
All Over Cover Stick by Elf. I've got a quite fair skin so my shade is Apricot Beige (the palest one) which has got a yellow undertone in it.
What I like about it:
- its coverage: this concealer is great for my skin problems as it covers all redness and blemishes with just one layer! medium to high coverage and buildable.
- the formula: it's a stick concealer so it becomes creamy on skin once applied and not too hard to blend.
- the packaging: it's very practical both for its size and for the fact that it's got a nice cap to close it properly.
- the price! As you know well, ELF's products are very cheap and this one is no exception! Just 1,70€ and it will be yours :)

What I kinda dislike about it:
- duration: after a while it makes my skin a bit "shiny", mostly on my chin area which is normal/oily, but with a powder it can be set easily!
- the quantity! The stick contains just 4g of products which isn't much, but at just less than 2€ I don't think it's a big problem!! ;-D

Next is Smashbox High Definition Concealer. I love this! I found it online at Cocktail Cosmetics and I'm very impressed by this product! What I Like about it:
- the coverage! Damn! I've never tried a product that covers so well the imperfections! Just with one layer of product! definitely high coverage for a liquid concealer!
- pigmentation. Wich is similar to coverage but let me say this: if you squeeze just a tiny bit it's enough to cover a quite wide area of your face!
- the price: being such a quality product 8,99£ (about 11€) is not much compared to many other brands!

What I kinda dislike about it:
- quantity: just 8ml of product in this little tube. But it's not a big deal considering its coverage and pigmentation!
- hard to find: here in Italy it's really hard to find Smashbox! So I'll probably repurchase it online before it goes out of stock =P
(click to enlarge)
Then I've tried Stila Perfecting Foundation Stick in shade A (the palest one). I purchased this one at Love Makeup . Now, this should be a foundation, but I use it as a concealer because I don't like covering parts that don't need to be corrected! However this works pretty well!
What I like:
- the formula: this is a stick concealer (whoops, foundation =P) and its very creamy, almost like the Elf one, and easy to blend too...
- the coverage: light to medium and buildable. So if you want to cover redness or acne it should work quite well ;-)
- the packaging: I really like it! Very handy and can be put in your purse for any emergency.
- the quantity! 10g of product are quite a lot in my opinion, so you won't run out of it for a while!
- the price: 10g of product for 8,99£ (about 11€) not bad at all!

What I kinda dislike:
- duration: if you have normal/oily skin like me you'll find that this one has to be set with powder, like the Elf's one.
- hard to find: at least, here in Italy!
- smell: yes it's got a strange smell ...=P

I think these are very valuable products and they can satisfy several skin types and different budgets!
The cheapest one, Elf Cover Stick, is very creamy and has a medium to high coverage at an incredible cheap price. The Stila one is in the middle, being a good quality concealer/foundation, containing quite a lot of product at a reasonable price!
The most "expensive" is the Smashbox one, containing 8ml for 8,99£, but it's suitable for all skin types, being lightweight but extremely covering!
So, it's up to you! What would you choose? I hope this might help you find a good concealer ;-)



  1. quello della smashbox mi ispira moltissimo ^_^

  2. I only have the elf one out of the 3! but I'm tempted to try the other 2! lol !

  3. Ciao!
    Io attualmente sto usando Erase Paste della Benefit e mi trovo molto bene, l'unico difetto è che c'è in 3 tonalità, 2 molto chiare e una scurissima, non hanno una via di mezzo insomma

  4. Ciao Aru, sarebbe per noi un onore avere una foto con la tua interpretazione di uno dei 7 look per l'estate proposti in Ti aspettiamo :) Melly & MimiJoy di

  5. Hi,

    Nice article and blog.
    We have that Stila perfecting foundation stick in the UK and 150 other Stila lines imported from the USA. Look forward to following your artlces.

    Jayne xx

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  7. Great site. A lot of useful information here. I’m sending it to some friends!

  8. Hello! What shade of the Smashbox concealer did you swatch? Thanks!

  9. @Silvia the shade is "FAIR" =)


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