Swatch Post: NOTD Paradoxal & Naked palette...

Hi ladies!
Today is swatch post! :D FIrst of all I wanted to show you my NOTD with Chanel Paradoxal nail polish...I know it's just a polish, but I can't stop staring at my nails!! LOL

A little review: As this is a high brand product with a certain price (20,5€ for 13ml), I wanted to understand if it's really worth the money... My conclusion is that it actually is! The quality is very good, the product applied smoothly and the shade is very unique! I was skeptical at first, seeing it on the net, I thought it was just another taupe with a bit of shimmer...Wrong! You have to see it and test it! My only "complain" could be the pigmentation...Two coats are perfect, but just one coat isn't enough and applies very sheer.
Overall this is a good product if you want to indulge in a high brand polish...

Natural light (click to enlarge)
L-R: Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, Half baked, Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep and Gunmetal
Then I finally managed to swatch my Urban Decay Naked palette and show the result to you as you asked me... I applied an e/s base and then the eyeshadows...even if they're very pigmented by their own, just because I wanted to make sure the colors show off properly in the photos...

Here are the results.All the 12 eyeshadows are very soft and buttery and apply perfectly! There are 10 shimmer/satin shades and 2 perfectly matte shades.

Most pigmented shades: Sidecar, Smog, Darkhorse, Hustle and Creep
"Sheerest" (again, these are all pigmented! some of them slightly less) shades: Naked, Buck and Gunmetal
With Flash

Overall: I love this palette! There are so many looks that can be created with this wide range of colors! I can't wait to try them...and of course do the FOTD posts! ;-D

Whiskey and Zero Glide-on pencils
Finally the two glide-on pencils... I found these to be really soft! Almost too soft for my taste, but the pigmentation is wonderful! Below the swatches.

That's all for now! Hope this was useful =)
Have a nice week my lovelies!



  1. I shalt not buy the Naked Palette
    I shalt not buy the Naked la compro è colpa tua! ahahah

  2. E io che ero un pò scettica sul paradoxal di Chanel..sulle tue unghie è fantastico...uff e ora come faccio???? cercasi dupe!!!!
    Grazie per gli swatch, anche la palette ha colori bellissimi ^_^

  3. vero che è stupendo? *-* hihihi sto facendo da diavoletto tentatore >:-P
    prego è un piacere, cosi ho inaugurato la palette =P

  4. Che meraviglia, quello smalto ti sta d'incanto!

  5. belliiiiiiiiiiiiissimo chanel... DUPE DUPE!!! :D Dony ci armiamo per cercare il dupe!? :)

    Ehhh..dopo che Vero ha detto che è arrivata non vedo l'ora di andare a prendere la meravigliosa Naked!!

  6. siiiiii caccia al dupe! xD

  7. Ma quanto è bello Paradoxal? E dire che non mi sembrava così splendido.
    Ottimo acquisto Aru. Una meraviglia con le tue unghie.

    P.S. Non riesco ad aggiungerti su fb, ho creato un contatto ad hoc, se mi cerchi mi trovi. :*

  8. Grazie Margue! si lo adoro! =D Ti ho trovata e aggiunta su FB ;-) un bacio!

  9. Thanks for the swatches sweetie! :) I need a taupe nail polish and this palette!!!

  10. My pleasure! ^_^
    A very nice taupe polish is Over The Taupe by OPI...I've got it and I'll post the NOTD in the next few weeks ;-)
    in the meantime you can google it, it's a very cute color!



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