Fraulein 3°8 Sun Kiss Golden Palette Review and Swatches

Hi ladies!
Today I'd like to review an 88 eyeshadow palette I was sent by Fraulein 3°8

green & brown shimmer, purple glittery, orange duochrome, pink shimmer
Review: This palette has the same dimensions of the other 88 color palettes from this and other brands (I'm referring to the classic 88 matte palette and the warm palette). At first I was a bit skeptical because the colors are very vibrant a "neon" like shades are the majority in this palette. However, when it came to swatching them, I was really pleased by the intensity of the colors and the pigmentation of the shades, as well as the very silky texture of these. There are several yellow, gold and green shades, but there are also purples, browns/bronzes, reds etc... All colors are shimmer, except from the last column on the right which has got glittery shades. These are very pigmented as well!
shimmer shades

glittery shades
One of the key features of this palette is, in my opinion, the duo-chrome eyeshadows: these are placed in the center and are shimmery/velvety colors that once swatched/put on the eye blend together and create a lovely duo-chrome effect, gorgeous!

Overall: I really loved this palette! You might want to try it if:
-You like shimmery/glittery shades
- you like very bright colors
duo-chrome shades
- you are looking for a variety of colors
- you seek for pigmented eyeshadows (who doesn't?? ;-D)

You might not like it if:
- you don't like neon/bright shades
- you hate shimmer/glitter eyeshadows and prefer matte ones instead
- you already have these shades
- you prefer sheerer color playoff

This palette is on sale at the moment, if you buy one you get one free at just 17,99€ plus 2€ for shipping costs. So it's also a very cheap bargain!
That's all for now, hope you liked this review and found it useful =)

Disclaimer: products provided by PR's for reviewing consideration, however these are my honest opinions, I wasn't paid by the company.

Thanks to Fraulein 3°8 for sending me these products!


  1. I would like this. I have never worked with duo chrome eyeshadows before ooooooo! ♥

  2. they are very pretty!!! :D

  3. Pretty!!! :) Where can we get Fraulein products? I wanna take a look! :)

  4. caspita che colori strepitosi!!!! Non avevo ancora visto una palette così,mi piace molto!!! ^_^

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  6. @Stavroula ;-) I don't know if they ship to Greece, but I think so!

    @Dony grazie! si in effetti son molto belli!
    @Dolls Factory grazie del followeraggio allora! :D
    @gio thanks!


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