Now...I want them all!! E.l.f. Shimmering Eye pencils!

Black Bandit eyeliner pencil
Hi ladies! I know the title is that of a maniac obsessed with makeup, always makeup BUT I have a good reason for that!
Black Bandit eyeliner pencil
This morning I've gone to university with a simple look that included a bit of mascara and...E.l.f. Shimmering eyeliner pencil in black bandit (with silver sparkles in it)... As soon as I've applied it..I fell in love!

+ soft
+ smooth
+ pigmented
+ long lasting
+ cheap!

WHAT ELSE?? I mean, is there anything in these pencils that makes them not worth a try? I don't think so!
Black Bandit eyeliner pencil
So, if you're planning to make an E.l.F. order remember to include these babies, cause you won't be disappointed! (and in the misfortunate but improbable case you were, you would have thrown away just 1,70€... =P)

These are currently out of stock on the UK/EU/IT website, but they will be restocked in a few weeks or less. I think they are a great Christmas present too.

That's it for now!
Have you already tried them? Let me know!


  1. I love these pencils! your blog is very nice :D

  2. Ma che carina, davvero un bell'effetto sull'occhio.

  3. bellino l'effetto,chissà come sono gli altri colori ^_^

  4. @xnicole87x thank you!!! *-*

    @LaDamaBianca grazie! ^_^

    @Dony esattamete cio' che ho pensato io...=P

  5. I love black bandit because it's black but with a slight shimmer, for added glamour! ♥

  6. exactly! not too sprkling but very classy :D

  7. queste matite sembrano proprio ottime, speriamo che ritornino presto sul sito!

  8. bella!A dicembre ne prendo almeno una,ci sono bei colori :)

  9. Che bel colore. Mi piace molto l'effetto che dona all'occhio.

  10. @Alice verissimo! *-*
    @BaeutyLandia infatti! speriam PRESTO! :D
    @sabrys si si, faccio scorta eheh =P
    @gio vero? mi piace molto =)


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