Project 5 Pan: an Update...And the unexpected!

Hi ladies!
A while ago I started my project 5 pan with the hope of placating my thirst after makeup shopping... I thought it would be really hard but I have to admit it... I'm pleased of my results!

Here Comes The Unexpected...

So I began using the products of the project and I noticed that while I was using them, I was also using others at the same time, but I hadn't checked the quantity of these ones! In fact, Along with Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara, I usually apply L'Oréal Million de Cils...But lately I'm loving the second one so, to make it short: Million de Cils Mascara FINISHED!! YAY!!! :D I think it counts as one so I'm very proud of myself!

Let's move on to the other products...
Translucent Matyfing powder by E.l.f. ...Ok this one's pretty simple as I use it everyday! BUT another surprise for me here... I had a backup which is almost finished as well! Whoohoo!! That's another TWO products!! And I'm pretty sure the backup will replace the Studio Blush and Bronzer duo, which is almost impossible for me to finish up completely...

The Hardest Part...
Urban Decay Primer Potion...Why do you have to be so tricky?? The more I use it, the less I finish it
! Aarrrgh! hopefully I'm halfway to the goal with it too but it's going to be hard! 

WHO are YOU???
You'll probably know, if you're a makeup addicted like me (xD) that most of the time it happens that you buy a bunch of things and after a while you totally forget about them! Then, when you open your it is! WHO are YOU? Why are you here? And you start using and finding it a good product and remembering why you originally bought it! In my case I'm talking about W7 tea tree concealer stick...I stared using it a few weeks ago, I wanted to see how much product left there was and...SURPRISE! Almost finished as well!!! :D

Last but not least...
Nyx Round Lipstick in Heredes! I know I said it's one of my favorites, I totally love this lipstick and I'm going to finish it even if It'll be really sad =P And in the misfortunate case I won't succeed, I'll count the W7 concealer stick as the fifth item!

So I'm pretty pleased with the results so far...I haven't spent any money on makeup since I've started the p5p and I SHALL resist!!
That's it for now!


  1. Bravissima Arianna!
    Avrò bisogno del tuo sostegno e della tua forza di volontà tra pochi giorni, svelami il segreto! ahah

  2. grazie Margue!
    Ma ovvio che ti sosterrò! ;-D il segreto? bella domanda! xD diciamo che mi focalizzo solo su quei prodotti e finchè non son finiti li uso a manetta! xD ahaha

  3. io ho provato a fare il project 10 pan ma ho miseramente fallito...sono una debole!

  4. bravissima!!!
    Ormai anche io sono in p5p

    anche se devo scegliere i 5 prodotti da finire, perché ora li sto usando tutti ahahha

  5. @Mary nooo davvero? magari se provi con 5 ti viene piu' facile =) io ero convinta di non farcela, invece tutto sommato sono soddisfatta!

    @Lydia grazie! :D
    aahah beh meglio allora! =P

  6. bravissimaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! ;)
    ti stimo sul serio u.u

  7. im trying to use up all my products atm too! i have that concealer and its great because it works amazingly and is gonna be so easy for me to finish :) great to see all your progress! keep on going <33

  8. Yes, the concealer is great and it works amazingly!!! Thank you so much for the support!!! :D <3

  9. anche a me capita di trovare cose che mi ero completamente dimenticata di avere... Solo che spesso non si rivelano gradite sorprese, ma solo il ritorno della cattiva qualità riposta nel fondo... Atomic red mat lipstick docet.

  10. eheh si a me sto giro è andata bene! di solito anch'io trovo "orrori" seppelliti nei realtà questo lo avevo conservato per quando avessi finito quelli di elf, ma poi ci ho ripensato e l'ho ripescato...
    ti sei trovata male col rossetto di deborah? peccato, l'ho visto in negozio non l'ho swatchato pero') e non sembrava male =P

  11. Bravissima!!!! Dovrei seguire il tuo non ci ho nemmeno provato >_<

  12. Che brava Arianna!
    Col makeup io ho fallito :/ Sta andando bene con lo smaltimento creme & co almeno!
    Però dopo voglio seguire le tue orme e provare il 5 pan versante cosmetici, chissà che non ci riesca, ho qualcosina a metà strada!

  13. @Dony grazie! ma guarda ti assicuro non è cosi difficile come sembra! ;-)

    @Daniela beh dai tutto sommato non è andata male allora! :D comunque il 5 pan piu facile secondo me, almeno, cosi mi sta sembrando! =P

  14. complimenti!! :) forza, l'ultimo sprint :D

  15. Good job girl !! :) I should do something like that as well, as I have several products that are almost empty! :)



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